Budapest Hostels

Pesto Hostel
Even though the Pesto Hostel is situated on a quiet street in Budapest, that is not to say that things are going to be boring or dull during your stay there. Instead, it is important to note that the hostel itself is in downtown Budapest and that, in turn, means that there is so much to do and it is all on your doorstep. More Info

A+A Hostel
The location of the hostel is also pretty good as you are pretty much on the doorstep of the main tourist hotspots and there is always going to be something to do in the evening. The hostel itself is not too big either, so it has a rather cozy feel to it which is going to be a bonus as you are not going to feel swamped by people. More Info

Seagull Hostel
It should be noted that there is no free Wi-Fi at this hostel although it is available for a low price in the main public areas. However, for some people this may be something that makes them think otherwise about staying here. More Info

Acacia Hostel
The staff that are based at this hostel are able to speak a number of languages and they clearly take pride in their hostel from the way in which the rooms are kept very clean and they are also extremely helpful with any kind of question that you may have. More Info

Boomerang Hostel
Overall, the Boomerang Hostel takes full advantage of its location in the middle of the city and at the same time they also make sure that they provide you with all of the essentials which is all that you can hope to expect from budget style accommodation. More Info