Place was super clean..lots of space. Had a shared kitchen also very clean and a lounge. Disco at night on the weekend downstairs...did not oither me...I slept fine Fantastic location

May 19, 2016

Well, the location is the best of all the hostels i've been in Budapest (21), you practically are in the center of the city, 1-2 minutes (on foot) from the chain bridge and 5 to the nearest metro station. The rooms and bathrooms are nice and clean. The olny problem that exists with this hostel is the loud music at night from thursday to saturday, but honestly i didn't care about it because i am a heavy sleeper. I give it 5 star for the location, 4 stars for the rooms and bathrooms and 1 for the noise, but if the music doses not bother you it's a great hostel !

Robby d
October 15, 2015

The hostel is located in a street where there are a lot of bars. There is a bar underneath and adjacent to the hostel. The bars stay open until 5 am and play very loud music and with lots of noise from people in the street. it is impossible to sleep. I was very tired the following day. Another issue is that I reserved with my debit card and paid cash for the two nights that I stayed. When I got back to the UK I noticed that one nights stay was charged to my debit card account.

The location is excellent because it is seconds from the Danube and a short walk from the major sights. However the noise from the adjoining bars is a significant issue. The hostel is clean, the rooms spacious and the staff helpful and friendly. There is also lift access.

October 5, 2015

Perfect location right in the center of Pest! Ötkert club (2 floors below, open inner courtyard) is awesome as well, just be aware of the fact that Thu-Sunday nights, the party will be happening in your room ;) as the windows and beds vibrate with the bass until 5.00 am - perfect for anyone who will be IN the club (Free entry to Ötkert is included) until that time :)

September 9, 2015

the room was a bit warm during the day since is the last floor (it was august anyway). The bathroom is shared with many rooms.

Nice position, right in the city center sourronded by many restaurants. The room was very clean and a towel was provided for the shower. The staff has been helpful with all the requests.

August 11, 2015

Zrinyi guesthouse is in the centre of Budapest with everything you need in a walking distance. It is above a nightclub however which operates Thursday to Saturday night probably not ideal if you don't want to see and hear club goers on the weekend. You also get free into the club which is a bonus !

Darragh C
July 4, 2015

Very hard to get to sleep on the Friday and Saturday but have fun and go out! 5 minute walks from everything! Tourist shops, the river, cafes and other pubs. The nightlife is to be explored as well as every other aspect, you are paying less or around £10 per night so how can you possibly complain? You pay the same for a basic meal! Room was freshly painted with a bright red/white tone. If you want a better toilet that isn't shared then do not pay dirt cheap prices? Pleased with the staff and other guests were all very pleasant, toilets stink a little but are always cleaned every morning, need new shower curtains pronto!! Apart from this it is the cheapest hostel around in terms of location!

May 30, 2015

This hostel has only two strong features - location & price. Fortunately these two features are usually the key ones for hostel travelers. Although the rooms are large and more or less comfortable, the services are pretty basic...even for a hostel. We have been there during a weekend and there was a loud disco club in the yard - may be an advantage for some, for others vice versa. All in all , we were pretty content spending 2 nights there in a 6 persons room for some 8 euros per night/person. I recommend it for those who gonna use the room only for sleeping and are not concerned about comfort.

Gabi L
March 2, 2015